Supercharge your Self Care Business with a Boulevard Mobile App

Raise the bar for your customers' experience by giving them exactly what they need to interface with your business!

Adding a mobile app will...
Give your customers an easy way to schedule your services, getting them back through your doors sooner
Raise the perceived value your customers experience enticing them to share about their amazing and easy experience with their friends and colleagues
Provide self service reducing the time your team has to spend fielding logistical "scheduling" calls (and think about all the potential customers who aren't willing to call!)

Discover how a mobile app can ensure your business can scale smoothly with Boulevard. The first step is the easiest one! You just have to schedule a completely free and no-obligation meeting with us!

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A mobile app does so much to help AND SCALE your business!

It's important to partner with a development and marketing agency that understands your business long term goals and your customer's journey.

The Customer Journey

Your customer's need to be "guided" through their experience with your business. That's why it's important to understand how and why your customer's are using your services so you can build solutions that help them receive what they're looking for faster.


The User Experience

Customer's are seriously judgemental. They'll form an opinion about your business over the silliest things. Let's ensure they have the best opinion about your business by raising their perceived value of your service through your mobile app (and your website!)


Give Give Give

Business MUST be about people. That's why our solutions are always geared around your customer's as the people they are. In order to stand apart - we as business owners - must continuously give to our customer's in the best ways possible to keep them coming back.

I can't wait to launch our new app! This is going to completely change how our customers interface with our business.
Cheyanne Thurston

Provide your customers with more support in their pocket


Easily Book Appointments

Make it easy for your customers to book your services, filling up your schedule faster and easier!

(How many appointments are you losing due to people not having the time to call and schedule? Or having your website address to book it?)

Manage Their Account

Provide your customer's with an easy way to manage their account without having to pick up the phone and call you. More support for those who drive your business.


Be Completely Accessible

It's no mystery that you're losing sales due to prospects and customers not knowing how to schedule your services or maintain their accounts. It's always easier to ignore it or push their needs off. Or worse, go to another company who is providing higher end service through a mobile app.

Are you leaving any money on the table?

See what's possible with the right development and marketing team to build the mobile app your business needs to scale. Schedule a complete FREE exploration call today!