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At Mintun Media, we work by our six Core Values: Inspirational, Disciplined, Transparent, Committed, Results Oriented, and Intentional. Not only do we apply these values to how we communicate with our clients but also how we grow and develop our team members. We believe that when you join our team, we are entering into an agreement that there is a mutual respect that you have goals you want to achieve as well as we do with growing Mintun Media. A team is much greater than one man alone. We value the collaborative efforts of individuals that can yield unthinkable results! If you are ready to join a team that pushes you to be the best you can be and will provide the tools to help you achieve your personal, professional, and financial goals, we would LOVE to hear from you!

One of the incredible things about working at Mintun Media is that the Leaders are putting in the work and leading by example. They truly care about the progression of everyone on the team and provide the training and resources to help us fly past our goals! Since joining, I’ve felt supported to grow and have had my efforts recognized, all while working on awesome projects for great clients!
Daniel Brydebell

It means the world to work for a company that not only prioritizes my professional development, but genuinely cares about my work life balance and well-being. I get to achieve my goals, learn new skills in a variety of areas, and collaborate in a welcoming environment.

Hayley Thornton
People dream about being able to build something great from the ground up. People hope to find themselves in a work environment with a team that thrives together. People yearn to be appreciated for their efforts and not undervalued for what they bring to the table, and here at Mintun Media, I get all of these things. To say that that's something special is easily the under statement of the decade given the times that we're in today!
Jason Lockwood

Working alongside such knowledgeable developers while being given the opportunity to grow in my field with a plethora of courses and trainings has been absolutely amazing and enlightening to say the least. It is a great feeling having my contributions here make a difference. The entire team is very inclusive and are always exuding positivity. The culture that we've been cultivating is exactly the kind of environment I envisioned myself in. I'm excited to grow with Mintun Media knowing that as a team, our potential is limitless. 10x.

Sergio Elisondo
Joining Mintun Media has enabled me to jump start my programming career amongst a team of highly talented and motivated people. From the beginning I knew this company culture was the right fit for me. The environment here provides me the space to consistently level up my developer skills, as well as, the genuine accountability I needed to push towards my personal goals with full force!
Kyle Mayer

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