People Move Businesses

Dear Current and Future Friends of Mintun Media,

Mintun Media started off as a solopreneur business because I, Matt Mintun the founder and CEO, felt I would be able to achieve better results for the clients I was engaging with than what they were getting through conventional means. For the past 8 years, I was able to run and establish business relationships with all clients who have appreciated the dedication I have put into all of my work.

Last year I decided it was time to grow this company into a bigger agency so that we can extend the Mintun Media reach into many more businesses around the world!

I have always believed in making something bigger than just myself. In the last year, it has made me focus on what my true mission is for Mintun Media and it all comes down to this: we want to help 10,000 business owners get in front of the world online. That’s why you’re reading this now! I’ve learned in the last few months that PEOPLE are what drives everything. 

Businesses don’t drive people, people drive businesses

It’s always been my dream and passion to help grow people ever since I was in my teens. I found ways to improve the lives of those around me (and even those not around me) through support, laughter, dedication, help and encouragement, mentorship in the things they felt I did well. This stemmed around my innate desire to teach. To educate. To grow. 

Finally, we’ve grown Mintun Media big enough to bring this dream to fruition! 

In the past 4 months, we have grown our team to a total of 7 employees! They are working hard to live and breathe the Mintun Media core values and quality you’ve all come to trust and appreciate. 😁

But it doesn’t stop there. We are continuing to look for individuals who have big ass goals in life and don’t just want a job but have a passion to make a difference where they work. We want to SUPPORT that! At the core of our company is the most important value we live by – helping our team achieve their personal, professional and financial goals while we all work together to hit Mintun Media’s big goals. 

The end result? We hit our goals, they hit their goals. But most importantly – for you (our client) – your business hits your goals each and every time!

We’re changing how we work. How we manage work. How we manage time, passions, desires, and everything that makes people…people! All of that builds up greatly to bring you a web development agency that understands business, understands people, GROWS people and above most – appreciates what people do for the world. Afterall, that’s what it’s about. The people.

Another core value of our business is to always be learning. That’s why our employees are required to train every single day to extend their knowledge in their field of interest and any other field of interest (even if it’s outside of their role at Mintun Media). Why? Because we’re all learners. Even I train every day! 

To push our learning to the next level, we’re excited to be working closely with Cardone Ventures to continue learning how to run a majorly successful business so that we can develop the best team to offer our amazing services to our even more amazing clients! 

Mintun Media isn’t just another web development agency that under delivers and puts the clients needs on the back burner. 


We value each and every single client because we know that your business is essentially in our hands. You are trusting our team to perform at the best of our ability to allow you to grow and deliver to your customers worldwide. 

We have a team that continues to show passion and dedication every single day, which allows for more collaboration and feedback for ways to improve our internal processes. That’s what’s important to us – ensuring that as we grow, we continue to keep what we do best at the forefront of our offering to our clients:

  • Elite quality development work
  • Documentation
  • Quick and Efficient turn around times
  • A business the truly understands your business and how our work together helps your business grow
  • A true understanding of people and business.

Our level of organization and process (as well as our agile protocols) allow us to collaborate with our clients a lot more often! It means that we get more work done, efficiently and faster than most. It means that our clients can see deliverables quickly and collaborate on the progress of the project in much quicker increments which ensures projects don’t go off the rails (wasting your money and time).

Development is confusing and hard to understand for most.

That’s why we’re passionate about transparency – so that you, as the client, can always see the progress on the work being done and give feedback letting us know if we are on track or if we need to course correct. Saving you time and money!

I’m just so jazzed that I made this course correction to better my business so that we can continue to deliver ELITE LEVEL Service to our current and future clients! 

To give people out there the opportunity to work for Mintun Media, where they’ll have a business that cares enough about its people to focus on them and help them achieve their personal, professional, and financial goals and create a company that makes a difference in this world. I’ve found a new sense of purpose with Mintun Media and I can’t wait to work with every single one of you who is ready to take your business to their version of the NEXT LEVEL! 

So, thank you thank you thank you to all our current clients who have stuck with us over the years and continue to stay and a big ass welcome to anyone reading this who is ready to get started and blow $#!+ up! 

Head over to to schedule your FREE meeting with our team and be sure to follow us on social media to see what tips and updates we love to share!

Let’s go take on the world!
Matt Mintun