Landing Page: It’s Not Just For Planes Anymore!

Does this sound familiar?

You’ve created a website that you think looks amazing and has your branding.

Your homepage? Excellent.

You’ve got all those fancy things you’ve been reading about, fantastic visuals, easy to navigate, and a persuasive Call-to-Action (CTA).

But there’s one issue… Your website isn’t converting as many people as you would like it to.

You’re staring at your website and you think: “What am I doing wrong?”

Well, this is because your homepage isn’t enough when it comes to conversion. You need landing pages to help convert your leads into paying customers!

Companies that increase the number of landing pages for their services or products on their website are found to have an increase in leads, going up to as high as 55%!

So, what exactly are landing pages? What makes them so important? 

A Page. That Lands.

A landing page is a dedicated page on a website that you “land” on from an external source, such as an email, social media or an advertisement.

Before the days of social media, companies used to make something called Direct Marketing Letters, which are highly targeted and focused on a specific outcome. Companies would use these letters to announce store openings, new services or products, or promotions to create new customers. 

A landing page is a digital form of a direct marketing letter. It allows businesses to direct leads to conversion by placing CTA elements such as links, forms, and buttons. It is one of the first original points of contact between the user and the brand. Because of this, many marketers optimize landing pages because it amplifies the chances for conversion.

Why Do I Need One?

A landing page is an amazing way to drive traffic and improve your brand. Businesses make use of strategic landing pages to generate leads for future conversions.

With all this in mind, let’s dive into why a landing page is essential:

  • You have full control, leading your readers to a specific action you want them to make
  • It fulfills specific, short-term goals, aiming to get high-yield results.
  • You get to lead your customers to a specific product, service, or offer and encourage them to take action.
  • It boosts your credibility, a direct message catering to your customer’s interests.
  • It reinforces your branding, showing consistency in appearance, tone, and style. Even if you don’t convert your visitors, you know they’ll remember you for your branding!

Bridge The Gap!

Think of it this way: Imagine two places, your brand and the action you want visitors to make. How would you close this gap and get to where you’re converting leads into paying customers?

The answer is to build a bridge!

A landing page acts as a “bridge” between an advertisement and the brand. It carries, introduces, and guides users from the brand to the desired outcome. The end of the bridge is signing up for a newsletter, buying the service or product, and other possible conversion activities.

A Homepage Alone Won’t Make the Cut!

You may think having your landing page direct a person to your homepage is a good idea. Sadly, not everyone is interested in learning about your company. Simply directing possible customers to your homepage would reduce the possibilities of conversion.

So, where should your landing pages go? People nowadays don’t want to lift a finger. If they land on your homepage and realize they have to click around to look for your products and services, they might not bother. It is much better than just directing them straight to it via a landing page.

For this reason, a landing page is useful to help convert or drive the user further for more chances of converting.

If you’re having a sale, direct them to where your products or services are. If you’re coming out with new products, make a new webpage dedicated to those products. The world is your oyster!

Reach Your Customers, One Eye at a Time

A landing page offers a chance to further develop the pitch. A landing page should convince the user to convert. With little effort, your landing page could spread to a thousand pairs of eyes and convince them that you’re worth it.  

Your landing page should match your branding and marketing materials. Consistency is the key!

When people click in, they need to know:

  • That they’re in the right place, and
  • That they can trust your company, which is especially important if you are advertising to a cold audience.

What Can You Get From Landing Page?

A landing page can be an asset to your business because of the following benefits:

  • Landing pages deliver more conversions & more leads – Since landing pages have a single focus and target a specific audience, they have significantly higher conversion rates.
  • You can develop targeted content for specific audiences – You can get super precise with your messaging, imagery, and offer to ensure that it speaks precisely to the audience you are looking for.
  • Landing pages provide your team with actionable data – You can create landing pages for different campaigns and referral sources. Reviewing the analytics data lets you see which channels drive you the most traffic and conversions.

We Are The Landing Page Experts

Phew! That was a lot to cover.

Clearly, landing pages have a lot to offer! However, over 45% of B2B companies direct traffic to their homepage instead. The main reason why? They do not have a strategy or the team to develop, build, and test landing pages at scale. That is where Mintun Media can help. Reach out to us today to discuss how we can grow your business with marketing that works!