Web Design: Key Considerations To Design

A B2B website is not just a digital version of your company brochure. It is meant to be an interactive experience that connects with your potential clients. We design websites that keep your target audience in mind, connecting with your audience and ultimately bringing you more sales!

Define your audience!

Let’s face it, most business owners take the time and energy to find their perfect customer and build a strong foundation to grow the company but they forget to take the same intentions for their internet presence. Your website might be falling short in reaching the intended market.

It’s important to make your website easy to find along with keeping your audience engaged. There is far too much information out there! Website navigation and ease-of-use allows your customers to quickly find the answers they’re searching for, encouraging them to reach out for assistance. Dominate your market!

Mintun Media takes your success personally! It’s important we dive-in to get a complete blueprint of your business and your business objectives before the build starts. Because we’re not successful unless you are.

K.I.S.S. (Keep It Simple Silly)

**The web design should be clean and professional. It should be easy to navigate and find the information visitors are looking for. People should be excited when they visit your website. If the visitor has a problem finding your company’s phone number, you are not getting calls. Keeping your website simple doesn’t mean to keep it boring! A successful website must encourage call-to-action and answer questions but also be engaging.

Use Responsive Design

Roughly 70% of people are searching for information through their smartphones. This is for reviews, products and services. Having a mobile friendly, responsive website, for all of your customers is not only necessary; it’s required! Otherwise they typically think to themselves “%#&$ this!”

Use Engaging Visuals

Creating a website for your customer-type can also be fun. Choosing the right images, videos and infographics can help educate and engage with your potential client, the longer they stay, the more likely they are to convert into leads or customers.

Visuals also affect speed, so heavy animation or images may slow down the website. Potential clients will only wait 3 to 4 seconds waiting for your website to load. Any longer and they will abandon your site which in turn will affect your bounce rate. The higher the bounce rate, the less conversion. 

Use Strong Calls to Action

Don’t forget to encourage your website visitors to reach out! So far you’ve done everything right, your website educates potential customers, they spend time learning from your experience, they even feel they can trust you. Don’t forget to tell them what they should do next! Use action verbs such as ‘Download,’ ‘Get Started’, or ‘Learn More,’ encouraging your visitors to take the next step. Make sure they don’t miss it. Place your CTA prominently on each page – above the fold if possible.

Let’s talk about your dream website! We are a Portland web development agency. Over the past 9 years, we’ve designed, built, and managed countless websites. We believe that your success is our success. If you are dealing with stress because of the website, it’s time to contact us and let us deal with it. You grow your business – we maintain, improve, and automate your website and give you the excellent result that you always wanted from your website. Reach out for a FREE consultation with our team!