Take the Magic Pill for Digital Marketing

Ever wish you could get your hands on the magic pill for business domination? That ONE THING you could implement into your business today, that would change everything for you and your business? Grow revenue, improve profits, alleviate expenses, hire more employees, be so freakin’ busy you can’t keep up…

I’ve been in your shoes, in fact many times! I’ve been to tons of seminars and events over the years and read sooo many books – all with the intention of finding the magic pill for scaling my business in digital media. 

Spoiler Alert – it doesn’t exist.

And it shouldn’t. 

Because if it did, everyone would be able to implement it and every business would be succeeding massively. While this would be a great world to live in (with the important distinction that every business in this scenario goes above and beyond, does a fantastic job at what they do and has their customers’ experience at the forefront of everything they do), it’d create a scenario of too many options to choose from when your customers are selecting your business to solve the problems they are looking to solve. 

It’d also create a circumstance of too many mediocre businesses getting in front of people and ruining it for you because – let’s be honest – not all businesses are created equal. There are plenty of mediocre businesses claiming to do massive things but never delivering. This is already happening to you and I’m betting you have a few businesses in your market doing this to you right now. And worst of all, your customers are the ones paying the price.

So, while I spoiled your hopes of a magic pill for scaling your business online with the reality that one does not exist, I do have something uber special for you. It is a fantastic formula for scaling your business in today’s world full of noise and mediocrity.

Real quick before we dive into that though (don’t worry, it’s about 10 seconds away), you absolutely HAVE to have a dynamite product, a killer work ethic, and a passion for what you do in order for this formula to work. Oh also, you can’t be mediocre.

Got it?

What I’m about to share is what my wife and I have learned over the years and implemented in Mintun Media to grow our profits over 169.9% in the last year alone

Let’s put this number into perspective, many experts say that you should shoot for 30% in growth (in their case “revenue”) year-over-year for a sustainable business that continues to grow. 

Take a moment and look at where your business stands. How much profit did you generate last year? What’s your run rate for this year? Are you on-path to growth? How much growth? 

Many of us are just free sailing (or falling), not even paying attention to numbers like this (I sure did in the early years). But you absolutely need to, because rule #1 is:

Anything you put your attention to, comes back to you tenfold

What are you putting your attention on? Day to day matters? Or Business growth? If you are focusing primarily on day to day matters, my guess is that your business has grown stagnant. 

You have to put your focus on what you want to achieve! Chances are you are either in 1 of 3 boats:

  • Not making enough, freaking out
  • Stagnant, comfortable
  • Wanting to grow, don’t know how

Based on the conversations I have with our clients, a fourth boat doesn’t exist. You may be thinking there are plenty of business owners in this mythical 4th boat of “Growing so fast and killing it!!” but it doesn’t exist.

This isn’t meant to be a downer, it’s just reality. We have business owners making $16M/year in revenue who aren’t happy where they are at. They are incredibly profitable, doing well by all business means – but wanting to grow more but unsure how. We have others doing $3M who have a few employees, are flying by the seat of their pants barely holding on – wanting to grow but don’t know how. We also have massive businesses pulling in $300M+ in revenue and they are also in that same boat – wanting to grow but don’t know how. 

Why is this? 

You might even be thinking “Holy shit, if my business was making even $10M, I wouldn’t complain about anything, I’d have zero problems and I’d be happy as hell!” 

But it’s not reality for people like you and me. This is the freakin’ life for a business owner! We’re like children who are unhappy with what they’ve got even though they wanted it a few minutes ago. We always crave more. When you’re a child, you don’t quite know why you aren’t ever content with what you’ve got. Then your parents hit you with “Just be happy with what you have, money doesn’t grow on trees” BS and you find yourself limiting your own internal desires based on “what you think is possible” vs “what is actually possible if you go all in”. (And also money DOES grow on trees! 75% cotton and 25% linen – you were wrong MOM AND DAD!!)

You have to get these self limiting beliefs out of your system and go all in on fulfilling your PURPOSE. After all, isn’t that why you built your business?

Here’s how to do it – have a passion for wanting more. It’s a blessing, not a sickness. Use this passion to always look for new ways to grow. If you believe that opportunities are abundant, they will be.

Next, you have to ditch all the naysayers and leave them in the dust. And don’t ever – by any means – believe what they say. But more on them in the next step to the formula.

I give you full permission to always want more! Growing a business takes courage, it takes effort, and takes a shit ton of work. Any time we learn something new, we implement it and grow to the next level. Either we stay there and we remain comfortable (boring) or we aim for that next level (fun AF). 

And sorry (not sorry), but people in that 2nd boat of comfortability and stagnation we don’t even talk to. 

Now that you know you are in the right boat, let’s talk about the one thing in your world sabotaging everything for you…

Light that negativity on fire

Remember the point in #1, what you focus on becomes your reality. So, are you focusing most of your time on negativity? Are you focusing on some small or large negative experiences within your business? In today’s world of bad news, constant social media noise, and everyone bitching and complaining about how terrible their lives are, it’s truly hard to stick to the positive all day every day. But you have to overcome!

I know it’s so much easier said than done, so let me give you some pointers on why and then how.

Positivity helps you do great things

It’s a simple truth – you do bigger and better things when you’re positive! And the opposite is also true. Being negative about a given situation always brings about more of that same situation. Think about it – the traffic on the way home always gets worse when you are upset about it (road rage much?) That client interaction always ends up being worse when you approach it in a negative light. 

So ditch that negative mentality and find the positive in everything you do. 

I learned from Mark Manson’s “The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck”, that you shouldn’t allow circumstances you have no control over to affect your mental state (your positivity). If you can’t control it – don’t let it control you. If you can control it, change it. Stop complaining about it and do something about it!

You know what’s great about this? It’s easy to implement, costs you nothing and everything around you will improve because of it. 

There are always going to be times when it’s hard to be positive. You should still acknowledge those feelings but then redirect that energy into fuel to change your circumstance or learn from it. 

Positivity helps your team do great things

A team is only as strong as its leader. You can never expect your team to do more than you do in a given day. If you’re clocking out after an unproductive 5 hour day, you better believe your team will do the same. But bring positivity into everything you do and you’ll create an ultra positive team around you. Even better, the ones that just can’t find it in their souls to be positive will exit themselves out of your business! Afterall, you don’t want any negativity being spoonfed to your customers or clients. 

You have a substantial duty as the leader of your people. No matter what is happening in your life – you have to be the one true force in your business, that one person everyone can rely on to be positive and growth minded in everything you do. Even if you’ve had the worst day ever, you have to act as though it’s your best day ever. This isn’t about you, it’s about your team. It’s easy to fall when your leader is feeling weak. 

Don’t let this weakness overcome your business. You must remain strong, be there for your team and always be positive about clients, customers, employees, policies, and everything you do. The moment you waiver from this, you’ll breed a company culture that eats itself from the inside out and there’s no coming back from that.

Positivity pushes away the things in life that don’t fuel it

The true power behind positivity is that it creates a culture around you that lives and breathes more positivity. Imagine having your own personal cheerleaders around you at all times pumping you up. Sounds too good to be true huh? That’s because you don’t have the right people around you and you let your negativity take over way too often so those positive people can’t get in. And when they do, that negativity pushes them away.

Did you know I’m so strict about positivity that if we hang out and I experience negativity or victim mentality twice, there won’t be a third time? Might sound strict, but isn’t your livelihood worth it?

This all sounds great, but seriously – how?

I know this feels impossible. But so did starting a business years ago. You have to make the decision and stick to it. No wavering. No weakness. No hesitation. This WILL cause you to leave people you call your friends. I know I have. Plenty of them.

And guess what happened when I left them behind? They are still where they were 3 years ago, I’m on a completely different planet. 

One of my favorite lines from an Imagine Dragons song states this perfectly: “Now I’m smiling from the stage while you were clapping in the nosebleeds”

This will be the hardest thing you ever do because sometimes these negative people – these naysayers – the ones holding you back, frame their comments in love and appreciation. “When will you ever be happy? Can’t you just be happy with what you have? You are doing such a great job, why keep going? You need stability and a plan, you have to stop this nonsense”. This might even be coming from the people you sleep with.

I never said it’d be easy.

Focus on your wins

This next pointer comes from one of our employees – Daniel. In our daily standup this morning, he shared with the team how important it is to focus on wins. In his killer explanation, he demonstrated that even focusing on the smallest wins helps set your day up for more wins. Because the alternative is focusing on your losses – and that’s just focusing on negativity. And you know what comes with negativity? More negativity. So set yourself up for success by identifying wins – no matter how small they are! Wake up 15 minutes earlier than yesterday? WIN! Get a walk in before work? WIN! Pick up a smoothie bowl instead of a burger? WIN! Look in the mirror and tell yourself you’re beautiful and deserve everything? WIN! You know what’s cool about this? It’s like a cheatcode for success! Create a small win for yourself right now! Been wanting to quit soda? Throw away the can in front of you. WIN! Wanting to instill a good habit? Install a habit tracker app on your phone and load the first habit you want to track. WIN! (and also a solid practice)

This is important because winning begets more winning. You’ll start small and then all the sudden your wins start growing on themselves and become massive. It always starts with a small win. 

The one thing I implemented into my morning and evening routines that has truly helped me is Journaling. Oh man did it take me months to finally get the courage to not judge myself in journaling. I thought to myself “there’s no way billionaires spend their time journaling their thoughts”. 

How naive am I? 

Journaling is incredibly powerful. It helps you work through things on your mind. Here’s how I do it: every morning I write down my BIG ASS GOALS – the stuff I will accomplish in the next 5 years. I then write the word “Reflections” and under that I have a stream of consciousness where I reflect on my day before. What went well, what didn’t go well. It’s important to stay positive here and take my suggestions from above on learning from your mistakes, this gives you space to do just that. It’s also the perfect place to document your wins from the previous day! 

You’ll be so fired up for the day ahead!

This routine has helped me transform this business (with the help from my killer team) to a 169.9% increase in profit over the past year.

What would you do to achieve a 169.9% increase in profit? Is intense positivity and putting your attention to the right things and some journaling too much to ask? 

The next step in this 3 step formula is to take MASSIVE ACTION. All this other stuff won’t matter if you don’t take action. Otherwise you’ll just be the happiest person on earth that hasn’t achieved much. In fact, if you do all this and not take action, then you’ll have the big hitters on your team leaving your business because they work harder than you do. You employees should never be expected to work harder than you do. That’s why Asha and I put in MAD hours every single day, at least 10-14 hour days all 7 days of the week. No excuses.

Always go all in by taking massive action

I may not always be right, but I am always 100% certain.

All that’s left now is to go all in on every freakin’ thing you do, every single day. Part time dedication doesn’t cut it. 

Remember that unproductive 5 hour day above? Ditch it for good. You must put in a solid 10 to 12+ hours EVERY DAY. Not weekdays. You have to be willing to do it every day. In fact, if you’ve complained at all about your revenue not being high enough, not having enough leads, not having enough profit even once this year, that means you need to put more time and attention on the things that will grow your business. 

There’s a huge difference between being “busy” and being “productive”. Which are you?

You want to be great? You want to do big things? You want to live a life no one in your family, none of your friends, no one around you has ever experienced? You have to do the things they aren’t willing to do. You have to say goodbye to the person you were yesterday and hello to the person you must become to fulfill your purpose. You won’t do it on a part time regimen. 

The great part I’ve come to realize with taking massive action is that you never quite know if you are taking “enough action”. There were so many times I’d ask myself “am I actually taking tons of action”? I sure as hell was doing more than I ever had done in the past, so I felt like I was on the right path. Now, many years later the realization is surreal. 

You see, lots of small changes made over extended periods of time translates to a newer more powerful and insanely productive you. You can’t jump from 1 to 10 overnight, but you can go from 1 to 2 easily. Then 2 to 3. Then 3 to 6 and so on.

The more you do, the more you realize you can do.

You won’t see it in the moment, but when you look back you’ll realize what I realized, “there’s no way I would be able to do what I’m doing today 2 years ago!” It’s a validating moment you’ll have as well. 

And that’s the overall realization I want you to have when you read between the lines here – everything you do takes time. Everything takes massive effort. Nothing happens overnight. There’s no magic pill for scaling your business. There’s no magic pill for the perfect marketing campaign. 

I’m being completely real with you. We’re ridiculously good at building automated funnels, sales pages that truly convert, customer journeys that increase leads for many different types of businesses, but even then – it takes time to get there. The first time doesn’t always work perfectly. That’s because…

Great Marketing and Development Takes Time

There’s no “one single campaign” that is the end all be all of campaigns. And don’t let other agencies tell you otherwise. It’s just not possible. Cookie cutter don’t cut it in marketing! 

Your audience – your personas – are different from every other business out there. Just like you are unique – so is your business. And because of its uniqueness, your personas are also unique. The same exact business down the street from you? They will attract a different clientele. 

This is why great campaigns take time. Nothing happens overnight. You have to be willing to test and test often. This is why all 3 points are so important. Let’s do a real world implementation of this formula. Walk with me…

You worked your ass off to create a lead gen campaign for your business. You wrote some ads up, you created a landing page, you created a killer lead magnet, maybe you took it as far as creating the automated email sequence behind it to ultimately get people jacked about your services and you launched it. 

You have sooo much excitement around the launch, you’ve done it all to the best of your capabilities! But… the numbers are in. It tanked.

First, don’t fret.

What you put your attention to comes back tenfold

Don’t focus on the funnel as a whole being a failure. That does nothing to support your long term goal of growth. All that will do is create more failure. Instead, focus on what did work. Focus on the positive aspects of the campaign. And realize that great marketing takes time. It takes finesse. It takes consistent optimization. Focus on optimization.

Be positive

Don’t chalk this whole thing up as a failure, find the win in it! Look, you did something you’ve never done before – you created a campaign. You did the hard thing! You just proved to yourself that you can be comfortable being uncomfortable, you can do the hard things!! Celebrate that! And know that it’s not the entire thing that failed, but some element of it that needs tweaking and optimization. This is how all campaigns are.

It happens to all of us, even us professionals. Because great marketing takes time.

This is a major reason why many businesses come to us – to improve the conversion in their funnels. We had a client come on board with a campaign that generated $12M/year consistently. That sales page converted at 3.9%. Most would be stoked. Not this guy, nor should he be. He craved MORE. And more he got. Through optimization, we found the breakdown. We implemented a massive split test with 76 different versions of the hero section and improved conversion to 8.1%. If you run those numbers conservatively, we just added another $10M/year to their business. 

Take massive action

Now that you are putting your attention on being positive, focusing on the wins and being okay with the fact that great marketing takes time. Now it’s time to take massive action to make improvements! You can split test different ads to see which ones resonate more, you can play around with audiences, different imagery, focus on “selling the dream” versus the straight features you offer (write this one down, if there was a magic pill, this would be it), split test the landing page with different language, and implement more rapid follow up with people who became leads.

Here’s the truth – funnels have a lot of “squeeze points” that can leak. Literally every action someone takes is a squeeze point that leaks. Knowing your conversion at each and every one of these points is important to understanding where the funnel is actually breaking down. 

Then you work hard improving it, watching the metrics and trying things to improve it. 

Great Marketing Takes Time But It Doesn’t Have to Be Hard

I know this was a lot to swallow, the end result is glorious though! A life of positivity, growing business, incredibly massive work ethic – it’s all for something bigger – for you to fulfill your purpose. This doesn’t have to be hard though, the reality is, you may be taking massive action in other areas of your business where the scalable activities don’t get enough of your attention. If you are not in a position to focus on scaling through digital strategies, we have your back… because our team exhibits every one of these mentalities! Our company culture literally rids us of low performers, negative nancies, and the naysayers. 

Don’t you want that team working for you to scale your business? 

Schedule time with me and we’ll discuss where you want to take your business and how we can help you fulfill your purpose.

Don’t just half ass a marketing initiative you aim to implement. You must be so convinced that it’s the right thing to do that you can’t stop yourself from going all in. Have faith that anything you put your attention to comes back to you tenfold. Apply incredible positivity to everything you do and take massive action until you hit your targets and your efforts will translate to real dollars. Just remember to always be learning from what you do and implement improvements.